Fr. Jude Eli, O.P.

Western Dominican Preaching is an apostolic ministry of evangelical preaching and teaching which has continued in the western states without interruption since the arrival of the Dominican Order in the early 1850's.  It is exercised primarily through parish missions, novenas, retreats, catechesis for adults, and days of recollection. Our friars are members in good standing of the Western Dominican Province and are chosen by their superiors as particularly qualified for this ministry which is central to the Dominican tradition.  While our service is available throughout the year, the liturgical season of Advent and Lent are particularly recommended as ideal times for spiritual renewal.


Fr. Dominic Briese, OP


Fr. Jude Eli, OP


Fr. Brian Mullady, OP

Fr. Sergius Propst, OP

Fr. Emmerich Vogt, OP
until July 2011

Fr. Antoninus Wall, OP

Fr. Dominic DeLay, OP

Fr. James Thompson, OP
until July 2011

Parish Missions, Novenas, Advent, Lent, Triduum, Easter Season, Parish Renewal, Adult Catechesis, Vacation Supply

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Adult Catechesis
APPROPRIATING THE FAITH is a program designed for those people who want to develop an ongoing understanding of their faith by way of thoughtful reception of the gospel tradition, critical reflection on its message, for the purposes of strengthening personal conversion to Christ and his Church.  Read more...

Mission Manual

The Parish Mission
The object of a mission is really no different from the object of the Christian life, i.e. to know, love and serve God and our neighbor in this life....In a way it is like a retreat, a week set aside by the parishioners during which time they aim wholeheartedly at greater conversion to God by prayer and meditation and the grace of Christ. In some ways it is even better than a retreat, because it is a call to the whole parish community, the People of God, rather than to just the individual. It would be wonderful if we could spend every day of our lives in whole-hearted devotion to God, but we get distracted by the cares of this world. Hence it happens that without a mission or a retreat, many would live year in and year out without much by way of concentrated effort in seeking first the Kingdom of God and without much by way of wholehearted generosity in allowing the grace of God to grow in their human hearts.  Read More...

Western Dominican Preaching is a ministry of the Western Dominican Province.
We are pleased to be contributing to the good of the faithful and the education,
formation, and support of Dominican seminarians.

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